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We’re preparing for Semester 1 2017/18!

Applications are now open for the new Semester. Grab the form and get some ideas over on our Get Involved page.

Broadcasting 11am-11pm Monday-Thursday and 11am-4pm Friday, you can listen in via our website (Hey, you’re already here! Sure have a cheeky listen), iTunes, TuneIn or our very own App. Find out more over on our How To Listen page.

It’s sure to be an action packed semester, with a whole heap of surprises in store.

Our Song of the Week


Falling by Casavettes

Limerick based band Casavettes have come out with their recent single “Falling”. Their next gig shall be on the 11th of August 9pm in Pharmacia on Sarsfield Street in Limerick City! Listen on Bandcamp. Song credits.

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Alternatively you can email studio@ulfm.ie. Our brand new text number is 085-2109880, save it to your phone and give us a text!. 

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