About ULFM

wolves_1ULFM is University of Limerick’s student radio station. The station was founded in 2011, and is operated entirely by student volunteers. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from September-May (college semester), with student produced programmes brodcast between 11am-11pm Monday-Thursday and 11am-4pm Fridays. Outside of these hours we broadcast syndicate shows, repeats of our own shows and autoDJ. We let our equipment take a rest during the summertime. The station broadcasts via the internet only, meaning you can listen anywhere in the world via a computer, smartphone, ipod, tablet device, internet radio etc etc.

You can tune in via our website, Itunes Radio (search ULFM), the TuneIn app, and hopefully very soon via our own app.


In September 2013 ULFM became a society, under the umbrella of UL Wolves Clubs & Societies.  ULFM is now part of a large community of 71 other clubs and societies


All of our programmes are produced by current students of the University. Too many take part to list but there’s about 80 per semester on average between various roles.

The station is run by a committee comprised of the following:

  • Station Manager: Fintan Walsh
  • Deputy Station Manager: Sean McGrath
  • Technical Manager: Danielle Daly
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Triona Casey
  • First Year Rep: Vacant
  • Production Manager: Vacant
  • Podcast Coordinator: William Nolan
  • OB Coordinator: Andy Murphy
  • Head of News: Vacant
  • Marketing and Promotion Manager: Maria Kenny
  • Playlist + New Music Manager: Declan Mills
  • Events Manager: Neil Holland
  • Website and Social Media Manager: Aine Maunsell

The board meets weekly. Suggestions and comments are very welcome. You can submit them here or via email to info(at)ulfm.ie.

Vacant positions on the committee will now be advertised to members and shall be filled by election at an EGM. At the end of each academic year all positions shall be vacated and filled by means of election at the station AGM.

Want to get involved? Either send us an email or check this page

Advertising + Sponsorship

We are keen to build relationships with companies both local and national who seek to reach a large student audience. For more details on rates etc please contact us.

Music Submission

We often get asked will we accept music from unsigned bands etc etc. Of course we will. Either post a CD to ULFM Station Manager, Communications Office, ULSU, University of Limerick, or transfer it via WeTransfer to playlist@ulfm.ie. Mp3 files should be 128kbps standard minimum

For September 2013 we aim to devote at least 1 hour per week to new music submitted to us.


ULFM uses Audio Technika, Yamaha, dbx and Denon equipment. And we’ve enough computing power to NASA, and that’s a fact! We also have an on air light.

Our servers are provided with the generous support of VMotion, located near UL in the National Technology Park.

Thanks to ITD for their undivided help and co-operation.


Sponsored by Vmotion IT Solutions


With thanks to Ulster Bank