Get Involved!


We are looking for presenters, producers, advertising/sales executives and news readers for our station. Please download the application form and send it to the Station Manager, at Deadline for applications is Saturday, January 24th, at 10pm. 

Download the ULFM Application Form now!

Presenting and producing radio shows is one of the main aspects of ULFM’s, members produce and present their own programmes, on a schedule which operates from (usually) week 2 until week 13 of the semester.

If you want to host your own programme, presenting/producing yourself, it’s very simple. There is a straightforward proposal form which must be filled in online. The form basically contains the ideas which you will turn into a radio show.

Training will take place during Week 1 and 2 of the semester. It will consist of 1 small group session with the others who are on-air the same day as you (e.g all Tuesday shows), plus an in-studio session. All members of your show team must attend both sessions. We will also organise a trip to a commercial radio station as part of the training.

No experience is required, and we love seeing new faces getting involved. You can present a show about anything you like, just tell us all about it in the proposal form.


We’re also looking for general producers and researchers who will help with various radio shows as the need arises, and newsreaders to read the news.