We broadcast 24×7, with live programmes 10am-11pm Mon-Thurs and 11-4 Friday. Our schedule of programmes for this semester is below:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 David O’Donohoe Festival Fever Lorcán Murray The Alternative The Noise 
11:00 David O’Donohoe Festival Fever Anything Goes with Jean  The Sour Hour The News Hour
12:00 Sam DJ David Watters Ray Foley’s Midday Party Haley O’Brien Don’t Believe The Hype
13:00 The Craic of Dawn The Classy Diaries Ray Foley’s Midday Party Republic Of Radio  Sam DJ
14:00 The Lazy Luch 2 Beours & a Mic Sam DJ The Now Show Crazy on Classic Rock
15:00 Breda Graham The Rock Bottom Radio Show Eimear Nolan C&S Hour Sam DJ
16:00 Out in UL Savage Cabbage Fan Forum Only Oldies Sam DJ
17:00 M&M Thinking Out Loud The Student Breakfast Show Premier Country Sam DJ
18:00 Top 30 Hits Thinking Out Loud International Hour Armchair Athletes Sam DJ
19:00 The Whole Shebang As Smacht ag a Seacht Blast From The Past  The Irish Movie Gamer Guys Sam DJ
20:00 Chunk Patrick Flaherty House of BAD Fiachra McKermott Sam DJ
21:00 Friendly Fire  Bowssin’ It House of BAD Music Soc Hour Sam DJ
22:00 Friendly Fire  Sam DJ Jessica Leen Sam DJ Sam DJ