Here’s our schedule for Semester 2 2016/17!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:00 Everything But The Kitchen Sink The BUZZ Two Girls One Show Kath-Chats [FREE]
12:00 General Craic The Random Show UL Comedy Soc Hour Kath-Chats FREE
13:00 Happy Hour Crazy on Classic Rock The Midweek Meascain An Focal on ULFM Jack-Asks
14:00 UL-Timate Sport Why Are You Like This? Crossing the Line An Focal on ULFM Life As A Music Student
15:00 UL-Timate Sport [FREE] An Asylum of Bumblebees Asking Questions Top 30 Hits
16:00 The Moore You Know [FREE] An Asylum of Bumblebees The Ledo Show [CLOSED]
17:00 Out on the Radio The Student Breakfast From the Stands Vibe Tribe [CLOSED]
18:00 Two and a Half Can Men Versus Eire Tune Pure Decent [CLOSED]
19:00 Nashville Nights [FREE] [FREE] No Filter [CLOSED]
20:00 The Eighth Hour [FREE] [FREE] The Evening Edition [CLOSED]
21:00 Crystal Set Radio The House of BAD Oblivion Raised on the Radio [CLOSED]
22:00 Crystal Set Radio [FREE] Oblivion Raised on the Radio [CLOSED]