Radio stations which are licensed by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) are obliged to provide a complaints handling policy.

Though we are not under the auspices of the BAI, we feel it is still appropriate and reasonable to provide a similar policy.

It must first be stated that ULFM programmes are broadcast under a strict policy of no defamation, sexism, libel, homophobia, promotion of alcohol/alcoholism, any religion/political party (including ULSU elections) etc. Programmes which are found through our own monitoring or external complaints to have featured any of theĀ aforementionedĀ topics will be investigated by ULFM Management, and in general, will be placed on a warning. Programmes shall receive one warning (this can be for many things including failure to attend slots, misuse of equipment etc) and any subsequent warnings shall result in the programme being discontinued. It should be noted that ULFM takes these matters extremely seriously.

Should you feel any element of something broadcast on ULFM (i.e news item, programme or piece of music) was either inappropriate, in bad taste, offensive to any person(s), body etc, harmful or otherwise, you are welcome to submit a complaint.

Complaints will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt. We shall respond to the complaint within two working weeks (10 days) with the outcome of the investigation. We reiterate that we take this very seriously.

You may submit a complaint using the form below, by email to stationmanager (at) or by writing to:
Station Manager
C&S Office
University of Limerick

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Details of Complaint (Please try and include as much information as possible including Date + Time etc..)

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